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Classes on Mondays at 7:30pm and Thursdays 8:30pm

What is Tengu Tactical?

Tengu Tactical Combat System is a new method of training developed through countless hours of hand to hand combat, knife training, and gun & rifle practice and study. It is geared for Police, Security, armed citizens, and anyone wanting to take their weapons training to the next level. 

What will the training look like?

Training will consist of using modern day weapons for defense and offensive purposes. This training is prepared for those that daily conceal carry or have interest, and wants to learn defensive methods of escapes, take downs, and proactive defense measures.

What kind of students will there be?

Although this is a combat style art, we will accept anyone 21 yrs or older, and that is interested in taking their abilities to the next level. Our goal is to reach those like-minded people that have an understanding that there is more to learn than just going to a shooting range and practicing.

How is this different than Yakima Taijutsu Martial Arts?

Yakima Taijutsu Martial Arts is focused on honor, respect, development of self, and learning the deeper meanings of what martial arts is. It takes the ancient battlefield concepts of the Ninja and Samurai and puts the strategies and principles in today's world. 

Tengu Tactical however, is more focused on combat methods of escape, take down, and modern weapons developed for CCW carriers.

How much will this cost and how often will there be classes?

The current offer is 2 classes per week. Cost is $65 per month.


USMC Sgt. Adam Flathers:

In the Marine Corp. Adam was a MCMAP (Marine Corp. Martial Arts Program) Black Belt and  Instructor where he taught our soldiers next level combat. After serving his country Adam came home to develop a program that he believed represented his training and develop those that would seek to increase their tactical abilities.

Budo Taijutsu Shidoshi Jeremiah Munoz:

Understanding the need to provide additional training for his military and para-military students, Jeremiah felt the need to create a program that was relevant, practical, and just as effective for those that had a desire to take their combat training to the next level.